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Linux 32 Bit On-Line installer hangs @ 24-26%

  • Hello All!

    I was doing a fresh install on my "Fedora 15": laptop when I ran into trouble trying into install the QtSDK from "QtSDK download page": . I tried 3 different times on three different networks with all of the same problem. Eventually I downloaded the full off-line install and was able to continue, but I'm curious if there's a server problem. This also lead to a second question: is it possible to turn on a "verbose" mode for the installer to see the actual network traffic without using a third party application like a packet sniffer?

  • I think.. not sure.. this happens because of some missing dependencies.. remember having a similar issue..

  • I could see that if I ran into errors installing the full version. Is there a debug mode for the installer?

  • I don't know of a debug mode for the installer... but "this page": shows the dependencies required for Qt on Linux.. Now if only you could test the online installer with these dependencies installed to confirm if that is the issue? Btw.. did you check if the online installer goes past the 24% after you have installed it offline..? Just shooting in the dark....

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