Show an Image by loading data via XmlHttpRequest?

  • I need to fetch a jpeg image from a REST API call. I use XMLHttpRequest as the request requires authentication headers (I can't just create an Image and set the source to the URL with user:passwd@url).

    I thought I'd be able to use a Canvas and call drawImage by setting the REST data to a CanvasImageData object. However, it doesn't draw anything, nor does it produce an error. The REST call returns Content-Type: image/jpeg and the Transfer-Encoding: chunked.

    Should this approach work, or am I missing something else? Any better suggestions?


    // map_request.imageBytes is a property that holds the binary response from the REST query
    Canvas {
        id: location_map
        width: 2400
        height: 1500
        contextType: '2d'
        onPaint: {
          if (context && map_request.imageBytes)
            var cid = context.createImageData(width, height);
   = map_request.imageBytes;
            context.drawImage(cid, 0, 0);

  • I x-posted to stackoverflow, and got some suggestions there that addresses the problem.

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