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How to load a scrolling list of buttons from a JSON file in QML?

  • I am new to QT and QML, I'm trying to load a file that contains a list of strings and puts each string within a button. I also need to be able to write new strings to this file if the user fills out a separate form and presses 'submit'. I can't know how long this list will be, so it needs to be scrollable, I'd like to use a Flickable (application is mobile and desktop) plus a scrollbar.

    I'm assuming I have to create a new component that does this? Can I link different existing components together within a new C++ component?

    Anyway I'm reading tutorials and learning what I can but if someone could point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Im not into QML but as far as I know it has no file IO so its often asked
    AS far as I understand tit, one will do in c++ and merge with QML.

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