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[solved] Qt3D problem; what do I need to add to program to run it everywhere?

  • I really love Qt3D, it is an awesome feature taking Qt itself to brand new level. But we hoped it will be a part of Qt faster.

    Me and my friends started a project of 3D multiplayer online chess, with some spelss, level and ranking system and AI, its all almost done but we faced a major problem.

    The game is working only on ONE pc!!!

    I spent about 8h trying to run it on any other one. Problem is we don't know what libraries should we include with exe and we tried almost everything. I was hoping to release this game as an actual application, that you can download and install on any PC(win 7 and linux atleast) but we can't get it going. The error we get says Qt3D is not installed (when w import Qt3D 1.0), so what we have to do to make it work?

    I would really appreciate if someone would help us, cos now we are stucked...
    I will gladly answer any questions and I am looking forward to solutions.

  • Apperantly we did it :)
    We are using *.obj and *3ds so we had to copy /sceneformats/(all plugins we are using) to our main folder with exe, and also we had to copy Qt3D folder there.

  • Ah.. yes, the installer needs to copy in the folder of the exe, the general dlls it uses, including qt plugins (like jpeg png), qt dlls, translation files, even the CRT you use etc.. Could you add [ Solved ] to the title.. if your problem is solved.

    [ Edit: Add smiley :) .. Now all the post in this thread are smiling ]

  • [quote author="jim_kaiser" date="1308057166"] Could you add [ Solved ] to the title.. if your problem is solved.[/quote]

    Done :)

  • Using depends.exe on yoru executable and/or libs will help you identify the dependencies that you need to include in your installer.

  • Thank you all, depends.exe is awesome tool :) As I said before we did it :) I will make sure to share a link here to a website after the game is finished :)

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