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QTCreator poor performance Windows + GCC

  • I'm using qtcreator 2.1.0 compiled with GCC 4.4.0 and QT 4.7.3 under Windows XP. My problem is that whenever I'm editing/debugging a quite long file I get 100% CPU usage and debugging becomes unbearable. I've detected that this high CPU usage happens whenever you click on a variable and the editor highlights all the occurrences of it in the document. Is there a way to disable this highlighting?

  • I also had some performance issues with this combination, luckily my boss moved us to Visual Studio 2010 so I'm using the QT Designer with the VS plugin..

    all the 5 people in my team where unable to solve this issue, we had this issue only on my work station, so it could be the machine u are on and not GCC.

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