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Eclipse and Qt

  • This is on a Ubuntu machine: 10.04 LTS

    Install Eclipse manually to a directory MyName, then I include CDT plugin.
    I download this Qt package: qt-eclipse-integration-linux.x86_64-1.6.1.tar.gz
    then I installed Qt plug-in manually by extracting it per instruction in folder MyName.
    Qt files were extracted into eclipse folders (plugins, etc).
    Qt selection options show up inside Eclipse in Window>Preference, etc. But.....
    I was not able to specify locations of Qt's Bin and Include paths. So I could not proceed.
    I did a search for QtCore and found where the files are, assuming I am correct.
    I included path to QtCore, QtGui found thru Search. They are in the "\Home\Myname\Eclipse\plugins\com.... " folder.
    i also did a search for "qmake" and include its location (both of same location), but the dialog box told me the
    path are wrong paths... ... Ouch!

    How do I find out where the paths for the Qt tools and Includes are?
    Somehow, the extraction (unzip) process, it was put somewhere outside of the Eclipse plugin folder.

    Note: The extracted folder for qt-eclipse-integration-linux.x86_64-1.6.1.tar.gz have very long names.

  • I haven't tried Qt with Eclipse.. but it sounds like you're just missing the QTDIR environment variable. Set it to your Qt installation root, or maybe you could just add it in some eclipse config.

  • I am still new to Linux. What is QTDIR?
    I am not sure where the Qt root installation root is?
    I did a search for files with names which includes Qtcore and QtGui, and the main install is inside folder Eclipse>plugins.

    I also did a seaarch for qmke, and found a file under some kind of Dedian subfolder and it is a perl type file.
    So I am still at a lost.

  • Well.. QTDIR is general the name of the environment variable used to point to the Qt installation. Like I said I haven't used Qt with eclipse.. but could you tell me the location of the qmake executable? Usually it is in $QTDIR(the qt directory)/bin/qmake.

    [Edit: Sorry if I am no help currently.. will check out about eclipse and qt and let you know. ]

  • Yes.
    I install Qt plugin in Eclipse.
    It shows up in Eclipse because Qt options are displayed in
    various project and preference settings of Eclipse dialog window.
    The problem is that I do not know where
    the libraries (tools: qmake, rcc, etc) and include files were installed by Qt ( in Linux).
    I install Qt manually and point it to a user defined folder, e.g. ~/home/hpng/Eclipse.

    Surely there must be documentation of default locations of these installed files for Linux (Ubuntu) somewhere.

  • Open the console and try:
    [thor::grimlock] [~] << whereis qmake
    qmake: /usr/bin/qmake
    [thor::grimlock] [~] << whereis qt
    qt: /usr/lib/qt /usr/share/qt
    That’s the output on my archbox, it might be different on ubuntu.

    Just a question why use Eclipse at all?

  • thanks. I will try it later.

    I ended up deleting the entire Eclipse Helios install,
    and install what comes with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, i.e Eclipse Galileo. I was not able to COMPLETE upgrade Galileo to Helios form within Eclipse.... Ouch! (eclipse report missing files... etc... which does not allow Rich Ajax, not sure what it means).

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