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QTIFW 2.0.1 "Execute" & error-code

  • How I get the error-code or how I know that the following command fails?

    component.addOperation("Execute", "{0,-1}", "cmd /C "@TargetDir@/xyz.exe"");
    0 = success
    -1 = fail
    The function returns in both cases "true".

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I think it returns true as to "can you run cmd.exe"
    It's doubtful that the return of xyz.exe will be used but
    I have not checked the source so I might be wrong.

    What I wonder is if you really need cmd /C as its an exe file ?
    so Im imagine that it can run without the cmd "shell" ?

  • If the EXE fails (return -1) than I get my Errormessage in that Error-Message widget (with Buttons Retry, Ignore, Cancel).

    With pressing on Ignore the function returns "true". That's maybe "correct", but I have to know if it was successfully or "ignore".

    I want that my installer not switch the component to installed/uninstalled when the EXE fails.

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