Problems with rowCount()

  • I think that at this point it's obvious I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed at javascript or QtDesigner.

    I am using javascript to make a script for QCad (Designer and drafting program)

    Well, I built a table widget and filled it with a temporary array, whose dimentions are known to me.
    functions widgets["Obj_table"].insertRow(i); and widgets["Obj_table"].removeRow(entityIds.length-i-1); work perfectly.

    Now I need to work with the contents of the table itself for which I need the rowcount. Browsing the library on your site I know that I am supposed to acquire it through: int QTableWidget::rowCount() const, and I'm assuming the javascript equivalent is something like var linestotal = widgets["Obj_table"].rowCount();
    Unfortunately, using this code blocks my application, meaning there is a pobable code error here.

    I would appreciate corrections in any mistake I'm doing.

    Thank you very much.

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