QtDeclarative4.dll dependency to Qt SQL library

  • I wonder why the QtDeclarative4.dll has dependencies to QtSql4.dll, QtXmlPatterns4.dll and QtNetwork4.dll. Did I something wrong or is there really a dependency to the Qt SQL library. Why is that?

  • Same here on Ubuntu (really strange though, why does it need SQL)

    EDIT: On second thought, doesn't QML support SQL, or will in the future?

  • Not so strange at all.

    • QtSql: Support for local storage is based on SQLite databases.
    • Network: QML supports transparent use of network resources for images.
    • QtXmlPatters: My guess: it is used for the XmlListModel and related classes.

  • @Andre: Thanks for the clarification. It didn't make sense to me at first, but it does now.

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