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Visual Studio qml syntax higlighting

  • QML files in visual studio (2015 community edition) are not syntax highlighted / colorized. Is there any way of making this happen?
    I've got the QT Add on working and can build and run my QT Quick app for Visual Studio no problems.


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    See this: http://blog.qt.io/blog/2013/04/11/visual-studio-add-in-1-2-1-for-qt-5-released/

    Apparently QML syntax highlighting is a commercial feature of the plugin. Maybe use Qt Creator instead? It's a great IDE and can compile using MSVC as well.

  • @sierdzio
    Thanks for that.

    I'm doing a lot of straight OpenGL with a qt quick front end. I'm semi-literate with visual studio and though I'd stick with it for the C++. It's a nice IDE. I can edit the QML files using creator though.


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    It's your call.

    Keep in mind though, that the blog I linked is from 3 years ago - maybe QML highlighting was added to add-in in the meantime - I don't use it so I don't follow the news. As far as I recall last news, somebody said Microsoft has changed the interface for add-ins and the team was busy rewriting and adapting to it.

  • I'd just wanted to confirm that Microsoft did changed the interface. The Qt Addon 1.2.5 is not compatible with Visual Studio 2015.

    Now you need to install the Qt5Package extension.

    In Visual Studio go to Tools -> Extensions and Updates... then search online for Qt5Package and install it.

    Works the same as the old Add on.

    There is also a Visual Studio Test Explorer extension for QTest called Qt Test Adapter Extension which will allow Visual Studio to find your QTests and show and run them in the Test Explorer.

    However I found this thread because I'm also not getting any syntax highlighting in QML :cry:

  • Highlighting has implemented but code completion has not yet.

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