Cannot find c:\Users\qt\work\install\lib\Qt5Widgetsd.lib when compiling QtWebEngine examples

  • I downloaded Qt5.6 VS2013 32bit and try to run the official example of QtWebEngine. I just followed the instruction but When linking it gives out an error of

    LNK1104 file not found c:\Users\qt\work\install\lib\Qt5Widgetsd.lib.

    However, I have no idea of where this path c:\Users\qt\work\install\lib\ comes from. I did text search in all directories of example folder and no hits other than generated files(makefiles and pdbs).

    I also checked system environment variables but no hits. Furthermore, I checked Qt Creator'r Projects panel and its Build Environment and still no hits.

    Did I miss something?

    P.S. this error was given out by linking DemoBrowser example of QtWebEngineWidgets pro

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