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Call functions in QAxServer from C#

  • Hello,

    I have built the example with the goal of calling functions in a running QT application from C#.

    I am able to connect to the ActiveX object and call functions from another C++ process. In C# I have been able to connect to the ActiveX object but calling functions doesn't work.

    What needs to be registered, or what wrappers need to be created to be able to call functions on the ActiveX object from C#.

    I have tried creating a DLL in C++ which is loaded by C# with the intention of connecting to the ActiveX object within the DLL and passing on function calls that way. This has not worked I get errors that the ActiveX object can't be found.

    Any example of how this communication can be done would be greatly appreciated.

    Since my main goal is RPC from a C# process to a running C++ QT application any alternative mechanism which I can use would be appreciated too. If there is a better or simpler option other than the ActiveX objects.

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