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Update Qt Creator ?

  • Hello,

    Sorry if a similar post exists already , but i search a long time this morning and didn't found anything helpful.

    I was using qt Creator 3.5.0, it was working fine and else, but now i would like to upgrade to 3.6.0.
    Hence, it seems nothing is provided to be able to do an easy update.

    Only ways i found :

    • Uninstall old version and install new version in the same path
    • Keep old install and install new version in a new path, once everything is tested and working, removing the old one.
    • Keep older version and no risk taken

    But none of those ways of doing are fitting my need, i just want to update ! don't want to take risks by creating new install, don't want to loose time on settings already done ...

    I am a bit disapointed, because the update topic is an old one, all complex software have now a good updater/installer taht will doo the work for us ...

    So, but if someone comes with the miracle solution ( i don't talk about modifying and copying myself files, i can do it but too risky from my viewpoint. As i don't know all specs of Qt Creator, i can't do a follow list to be sure mothing was lost during transition ), i will choose to keep old version.
    Updaters help a lot for those cases.

    Thanks in advance all for your feedbacks !

    (Nevertheless, Qt libraries are really awesome, as multiplatform librairies i din't find better ! )

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    Hi and welcome.

    There's no updater associated with Qt Creator but there's one with the SDK (the so called "online installer"). It's by far the easiest way to manage all Qt related tooling. One of its features is the "just update" option for Qt Creator.

  • @Chris-Kawa : Hello, thanks a lot for your quick answer and your welcoming !
    I didn't check at all with the manual SDK, am trying it this afternoon and get back to you soon !

    EDIT : Sorry but "online installer" give the same issue .
    please check : screenshot

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    You can't use the online installer "over" an existing installation. This one time you'll have to make a clean install but from then on you can just update.

  • OK many thanks, will try that tomorrow now, am out of work...

    Keep you posted !

    EDIT : Hello, sorry for the late reply, it's OK now it works, i just install new libraries (Qt5.6) and the new QtCreator.
    Thanks a lot once again.
    Just one more information do i have to keep a relica of the old qt creator version ?

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