Question : Qt tools : lupdate - missing qml/javascript support.

  • Greetings,
    I am using the Yocto project to build my Qt5.4.0 tools packages. Everything that is being built for the target hardware is working great! (lconvert, linguist, lrelease, lupdate, etc....).

    When building & running lupdate on my native host machine, I run into a warning, saying "lupdate warning: Some files have been ignored due to missing qml/javascript support.".. The command I am trying to run is "./lupdate File.qml -ts test.ts".

    When I look around under the qttools-opensource-src-5.4.0/src/linguist/lupdate/ file, I see some lines, saying:

    qtHaveModule(qmldevtools-private) {
        QT += qmldevtools-private
    } else {
        DEFINES += QT_NO_QML
    qtHaveModule(qmldevtools-private): SOURCES += qdeclarative.cpp

    I can find the qdeclarative.cpp file under the lupdate/ directory, but by default, the qmldevtools-private module is not being configured for.

    Does anybody know what configuration options or make options need to be passed in during compilation or configuration time to have the qmldevtools-private module set?

    How do I pass in the configuration options for qml/javascript support?

    On a side note, I attempted to add qdeclarative to the default SOURCES += variable, but got errors to missing headers that were found under qtbase-opensource-5.4.0/ directory. So it appears that qdeclarative.cpp uses .h files from qtbase, and maybe a configuration option is needed to not only include the qmldevtools-private module, but to also point qttools to the qtbase directory for additional source header files.

    Any information, feedback, or input about how to enable modules when compiling qttools would be greatly appreciated!
    -Eric Z