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Flickable, simulate flick with mouse wheel

  • I would like to offer the flick user experience via mouse wheel in a Flickable element. F.e. if the user uses the mouse wheel quickly increment the flick speed and keep a smooth continuous flicking between wheel 'steps'.

    I have been using the wheel delta + the flick method, but the result is not good.

    Is there an example about this? any ideas?

    I am a little bit surprised about the fact that this is not supported by Flickable by default.

    BTW, where can I find the source code of Flickable?

  • @lasmr Really strange: I just tried it out and it works for me. On the desktop I can flick with left mouse press and move or the mouse wheel.

  • True.

    My flickable element is oriented horizontally. So it is not working with the default wheel movement.

    Is there any way for changing this?

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