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[Ubuntu] compiling for Windows, Mac OS X

  • How do I switch the make spec from Qt Creator?

    I was able to compile for Mac OS X from terminal using:

    export QMAKESPEC=macx-g++

    But that's only because I installed Qt version 3 from terminal.

    How do I switch QMAKESPEC in Qt Creator 4?

    Also, when I compile with win32-g++ it gives me errors, saying "windows is undefined", cannot find "lqtmain", etc.

  • Have a look "here":

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    Where did you get Qt Creator 4? We are currently working on version 2.3, so you are a bit ahead of us:-)

    How do you switch mkspecs? Qt Creator should pick the right one for you already. If it does not you can always override it by passing "-spec whatever-spec" as a argument to the QMake step in Projects mode/Build configuration.

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