TextEdit and displaying of images inside of it

  • Hi friends! I'm trying to display images inside of TextEdit like this:

    TextEdit {
            id: text;
                left: parent.left;
                right: parent.right;
                bottom: parent.bottom;
            textFormat: TextEdit.RichText;
            text: "<img width=\"20\" height=\"20\" src=\"http://vk.com/images/emoji/D83DDE0E.png\">";
            wrapMode: Text.WordWrap;

    and it works good except of "Copy/Paste" functionality. i.e. when i copy a content of TextEdit and paste it outside of my application - only text is copied. And i want to bind image to some text. Is it possible to implement it?


    It works. If you paste the content in Word using paste special and you choose "HTML format", you should see the image.

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