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No Rest For The Wicked is an (Survival/Horror FPS) Qt3D / QML !!!WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHICAL!!!

  • *Everything you see here is a work in progress. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions.
    Would like to work with other Qt developers to improve Qt3D/QML's capability's

    Note: Pics are not displaying in this post for some reason?*
    [EDIT: fixed image links, Volker]

    No Rest For The Wicked is an (Survival/Horror FPS)

    Place: Wicker Hollow

    Story: The towns people of Wicker Hollow have fallen pray to a demonic soul
    festering influence, an evil sooo horrible that Satan him self in fear of possession
    dares not to speak the names of these demons.... (Will Update with a more complete story as I progress)

    Enemy's: Evil Possessed Towns People, Ghost, Demons, Zombies, Witches, Satanic Nuns,
    Demonic Children and House Pets, Rodents and Giant Bugs (Maggots).

    Click to see Game Intro Demo Video

    The Big Guy is called "The Butcher"
    I still have a ton of work to do on him.

    HighPoly Butcher

    LowPoly Butcher

    Speed Limit Sign (Lol) ;)

    Demonic Pregnant Nun with Tentacles.

    Giant Demonic attack maggot's

    Animation Test of Maggot.

    Female zombie model rigged and partially textured.

    Playable Characters (Military - Nickname: Preacher)

    Your character walks into a two story house.
    The house is very dirty with low light levels, the lighting has a very faint greenish tone.

    Laying in a recliner is an over-weight putrid corps of a man.
    The tv is on but there is just static on it.

    There are rats running around everywhere.

    Upstairs there is a little girls room.
    The little girls room has carpet and wallpaper, there is one large section
    of blood soaked carpet by the girls bed. there are random furnishings,
    and a closet.

    Once your character makes it to the center of the room, things start
    to lightly vibrate you hear squeaking, from the bed, the light on a chain above your head
    starts to sway back and fourth.

    The wallpaper on the walls starts to bubble......

    Your character turns around to run for the door but before you git there the door slams
    shut. You can't get the door open.....

    Suddenly everything goes quiet.......

    You hear this horrible demonic scream of a female child......

    A dead/demonic dirty little girl in a white blood stained night gown comes crawling out
    from underneath the bed. She has long black hair and glossy black eye's.

    She stands up quickly and glides across the floor by the tips of here toes with arms
    extended(reaching) for you.




    I don't really like the way the bathroom looks so Ill have
    to do something else.

    A quick idea about the camera handling when walking up the stairs. When you get to the
    front of the stairs there should be a collision event that will un-parent your camera from
    your character so you will watch him walk up the stairs until he hits the middle stair step
    at that point we will register another collision event and switch to the camera at the top
    of the stairs and we will watch him walk up the stairs coming towards us. When you
    reach the top of the stairs that camera will then parent with your character and swing
    around behind him putting our character to the front right or left side.

    When you walk back down the stairs same thing happens but in reverse order.
    Everything you see here is a work in progress. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions.


    Here is a mock-up of a scene editor.

  • Thanks Volker for fixing that for me, I appreciate it. :)

  • Nice project!

  • Looks nice. The Butcher reminds of the first boss from Diablo I.

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