Qt+QML program hangs at debug breakpoints in QtCreator

  • I am in OSX 10.11.4 Qt 5.6 QtCreator 3.6.1

    My program is C++ and QML, the C++ fires up a QQuickView. I am running in debug mode. The program runs OK. If I set a breakpoint in main.cpp before I call app.exec the program will stop on it and I can single step etc... But after calling app.exec if I put a breakpoint in any C++ code that is invoked from QML then the program stops responding, the breakpoint is never hit in creator. The only option then is to hit the red button to stop debugging. It takes a while for qtCreator to stop execution.

    One odd thing (perhaps unrelated) is that qDebug() output from main.cpp goes to the Application output window as expected, but after the QQuickView is loaded it goes to the QML/JS Console window.

    Any ideas?

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