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Handling QInputMethodEvent

  • I have a QWidget on which I capture key press events.Lets say I press "h" (Input language is Japanese).
    I get QEvent::InputMethod on getting this event I show QLineEdit so that user can keep typing.
    Now the issue I am facing is that I am not able to combine first key press and subsequent key press on the QLineEdit.
    Meaning in Japanese when you combine "h" and "e" ,it becomes "ヘ"
    And If they are not combined it will appear like "h エ" .
    I am not sure how can I pass the "h" to my QLineEdit and it can process that as if it was typed on that.
    I already tried posting QINoutMethodEvent from my QWidget to my QLineEdit with necessary parameters and it does appears on the QLineEdit but not as a "pre-edit string" but as a committed string.
    Any suggestions??