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Can I drive the time of an animation?

  • I have many NumberAnimation. I'd like to control the time of them. (Imagine someone scrubbing the playhead on animation software. As the playhead is set to any time, I want to evaluate many animations at that time and have them applied.)

    Is this possible? (It doesn't look like it from the doc, but the docs have deceived me in the past.)

    If not, is there any other built-in system that can use animation-like curves with data-driven time?

  • @Phrogz Hi, and welcome to the Qt forum! I haven't used this myself yet but I think AnimationController is what you are looking for.

  • That does look like what I want. It looks like there I may have to have one AnimationController for each Animation, which is annoying but workable. Thanks!

    Edit: Oh! I can have the "single" animation that is controlled be a ParallelAnimation that wraps all the animations I want to control. Yay!

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