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How to get QT 5.6.0 + QT VS Addin 1.2.5 to work with Visual Studio 2015 ?

  • A very good day to every one !!!

    I hope your day is going great !!!

    I am having some problems trying to get QT VS Addin 1.2.5 to install with Visual Studio 2015
    It complains that the setup could not find a Visual Studio Installation on my system

    I have already installed Visual Studio 2015 before I installed the Addin ...

    Secondly After I install QT Opensource 5.6.0 for Visual Studio 2015, for some reason the path are not set ...

    When I open a command prompt and type set ... i dont see the QT paths being set

    Thirdly in Visual Studio 2015, when I go to File -> New Projects -> I cannot see QT Project entries that allows me to create a QT Project from within Visual Studio 2015 ...

    I have no problems with Visual Studio 2013 ...

    But I just cant get QT 5.6.0 and the QT Addin 1.2.5 to work with Visual Studio 2015

    Can someone please help me

    Thank you and regards

    Dr. David Bowman

  • The add-in doesn't work with VS 2015 due to the changed plugin infrastructure in Visual Studio 2015. This is mentioned in the Qt 5.6.0 release announcement (maybe elsewhere as well). They are working on providing an Add-In for VS 2015.

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    In the meantime you can use a third party VS Extension Qt5Package. It has most of the original add-in functionality. You can download it via the link or through the Extensions and Updates window in VS.

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