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Whats the best way? Forms or projects?

  • Hi, I am new in QT5 and I have a question
    Which is better: Multiple forms linked to just one project or multiple projects with a small quantities of forms?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    hi and welcome
    It really depends on the project/task
    There is nothing bad having many forms in a project.

    A common structure for a desktop app is to have a qmainwindow and then
    some forms used as dialogs.

    If some of the files of a huge project is reused in other projects.
    one might also make it a separate project with own forms as to keep it as easy to reuse module.

  • I am "converting" a project from Access to QT5 and this project have about 150 forms, what do you suggest?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    In such case, I assume all forms belongs to same core concept so splitting it into
    mutiple project would not really give any benefits.

    So one master projects with all forms, is what I would suggest.

    Maybe its possible to re-use some of the forms as Qt is more flexible
    than the ACCESS version i have tried. (GUI wise)
    So you might not end up with 150 again.

    Can I ask about navigation of the current Access app?
    Is it like a master window and you open dialogs over it or
    does the master window have mutiple pages and
    each "page" you open dialogs?

  • @mrjj
    The master window have multiples pages and each page open dialogs

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    you should have a look at
    it makes it easy to have "pages"
    with different controls.
    So that as center in a mainwindow and then dialogs
    would most likely suit you well.

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