Sincronize Local Database When Cross-Compiling?

  • Hi! I have a doubt, I don't know how to make a Sqlite database sincronized with my raspberry pi 2 when cross compiling. I need to be able to edit it from my Management software on my computer and then it has to be copied to my raspberry pi so the software which is executing there is able to access that database since sqlite doesn't work with servers it has to be accessed from the database local file. Thanks in advance

  • Hi! So do you want to copy the sqlite file only once to the raspberry pi during deployment of your software or do you need to copy it over everytime you made changes to it?

  • @Wieland I'm afraid every time I make any change in the program, maybe add a custom process step ?

  • Well, you could put the sqlite file on a server and let your program download it everytime it executes.

  • @Wieland I could run a custom remote command on the make process and make a wget from a server or maybe keep the file on the project folder and on the make process copy the database file each time I compile my program with a "scp" command right ?

  • Why can't you just add the sqlite file to your project and deploy it along with your application after you recompile it?

  • @Wieland Yes, that seems a better idea, I'll do that, thanks for your help :)