Problem with QFileInfo::absolutePath() and relative paths as input

  • Hi all,

    I think QFileInfo does not return the absolute path as desired using relativ paths! Why?
    Windows 7, Qt 5.3.2 and Qt 5.6

    I want the absolute path of a directory and an file (both of them as absolute and relative path as input to the QFileInfo).
    I think there must be is a "/" at the end to differ between files and directory.

    // My application dir is D:/Test/User/Project.
    // absolute path as input
    QString dir1 = QFileInfo( "D:/Test/User/Project/test" ).absolutePath();
    QString dir2 = QFileInfo( "D:/Test/User/Project/test/" ).absolutePath();
    // relative path as input
    QString dir3 = QFileInfo( "./test" ).absolutePath();
    QString dir4 = QFileInfo( "./test/" ).absolutePath();

    This is what I get

    dir1 = "D:/Test/User/Project/"
    dir2 = "D:/Test/User/Project/test/"
    dir3 = "D:/Test/User/Project/"
    dir4 = "D:/Test/User/Project/"

    What is the problem here? Why do I get a wrong path with dir4, whereas dir4 is definitly a relative directory and not a file?
    Btw, the same happens using absoluteDir() to get a QDir Objekt.


  • Additional Information: This works on linux as aspected.

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