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Qt Installer Framework, updating the installer

  • Hi all,
    I'm distributing an application using Qt IFW with online custom repository.

    My applcation checks for update using maintenancetool and it works fine.

    Now I need to rebuild Qt IFW tools to use the latest Qt version but when I publish an update on the online repository it doesn't update local maintenancetool.
    The final user must uninstall application and reinstall with latest setup.exe to get the latest maintenancetool.

    Is there a way to update the tools without reinstalling application?


  • You need "installer.setInstallerBaseBinary" in your script file and you need to add the new version as data.

    Not sure that there is enough information about setInstallerBaseBinary in the documentation, but if there is something missing you can create a bugreport ->

    Also you can look at how it is done for the Qt installers.

  • Hi Tim,
    thanks for your reply.
    I didn't see setInstallerBaseBinary. It seems to be my solution.
    I only have a doubt. The .qs script you posted use the following:

    component.installerbaseBinaryPath = "@TargetDir@/tempSDKMaintenanceTool.exe";

    I can't figure how to get my "new" tempSDKMaintenanceTool.exe to put in my data folder.
    The maintenancetool executeble is added to my target dir by the installer. I haven't that file before installing it.

    Should I install in a "test" machine to copy the new installer maintenacetool ?


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