Loading QML from a plugin's QRC

  • I have a Qml application that hosts Qml components that are contained in plugins (dll/so/dynlib) which contain QML resources.

    I want to be able to ask the plugin for the QUrl to the qml code it would like the application to display and I wanted to know how will my app know to resolve the Url in the plugin rather than its own resources built into the application.

    For example, if my application has a main.qml and the person who wrote the plugin has a main.qml built into their plugin - how can I point the QUrl towards the plugin's resources rather than the hosting application's?


    component.loadUrl( QUrl( QStringLiteral( "qrc:/MyComponent.qml" ) ) );

    How would my application code indicate to the ::loadUrl() method that it should look in the plugin to resolve that Url?

    Does everything get glommed together into one big resource table and I need to introduce a naming schema such as "qrc:/myplugin.MyComponent.qml"?

    Worst case I presume the plugin could just read the qml like a string and pass that along, but that makes organizing the qml code on the plugin side more complicated.

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