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QAxWidget trouble with duplicate letters

  • Hi all again! I include card-reader driver in program by QAxWidget (i wrote about it in: this topic).
    And i had (and have now) problem, that i solved how "create new object with control->use object ->delete object". It's works, but everytime need create new object and connect and it's so long. And i have hope, that you gives me some advice.
    Problem: after connect to driver by it's uuid i have trouble with duplicate non-english letters that typed by keyboard (picture) and it's only in this Qt program.

    1. This occurs only with the card-reader driver. Doesn't occurs if i connect file or other drivers.
    2. I try change setControl (i mean first setControl("driver"), after setControl ("another driver or file") - no effect.
    3. I try "QAxWid->control.clear/QAxWid->discconnect or clear" - no effect.
      That i think - 1) trouble ofcourse in driver; 2) i think me need something how "unsetControl"))
      Well, that can forum say ?