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Is it feasable to copy a Qt class into my project and build it in there

  • I need to use the QColorDialog in my project but there are certain features I need that are not present. I was asked to modify the source of it and rebuild it as part of the project. Is this something that can be done, easily. The alternative would be to copy it into the Qt source instead, rename it and modify it to my needs then rebuild Qt but I would like to avoid that if possible.

    The reason for this is I need to represent colors based on 12 bits per channel instead of the standard 8bits.

  • I think it's open source. So you can use/modify der sources. You just have to use the open source license, for your project , too.

  • This would require rebuilding the qt libraries and I would have to rebuild them every time I make a change during the debugging stage.

  • Or you extract the needed functions and add it to your project!

  • Too many dependencies to do this.

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