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SSL server and client not working

  • Hi

    I need to create server and a client both using QSslSocket. I found an example that works fine on Qt4.8 but after a few changes I cannot run it on Qt5.

    The problem is encryption never started(signal encrypted() is never emitted) also I get no errors.

    Does anyone tried to run SslServer and SslClient? Are there any working examples?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi
    You can take a look at QtWebApp project:
    It uses QSslSockets

  • I dont think this example uses QSslSocket at all.

    After some investigation I found out that client is sending some data after connecting to start handshake, but server does not response.

    What is really strange socket->waitForEncypted(30000) alweys returns false and never waits the time(30 sec).

    I've set both certificate and key so it should work. Any ideas?

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