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[SOLVED] Qt applications on Windows

  • Hi all

    I recently asked "this": question about building installers for Qt applications for windows. I used Dependency Walker to denote which dlls are needed. they were QtCore4.dll QtGui.dll migw10.dll and some others. Totally 7 libraries. I copy them from <Qt SDK dir>/Desktop/Qt/4.7.3/mingw/lib/ and ../mingw/bin to my release directory. total size became 159 MB! I think it's a little HUGE for my very small tool.

    Am I doing something wrong? Probably copying wrong dlls (debugging modules) or something else?

    I tried InnoSetup creator it compressed whole thing into a 24 MiB executable but it's still very big for small my application.

  • [Moved this thread, it's more deployment issue]

    That's way too big. All Qt libs together (really every DLL) are about 53 MB on MinGW.

    That big number looks like you are having debug versions of the DLLs in your list.

  • This seem to be really quite something. I have just summed up the space required for all Qt 4.7.2 dlls. The complete space is about 118 MB including release and debug dlls for windows. The size of the libs named by you are QtGui4 (8.6 MB) and QtCore4 (2.4 MB). They are less than half of the size of debug versions. The mingw libs I cannot check.

  • So where are correct dlls?

    Edit: I found them. now It's 12 MiB :-)

  • Unfortunately, I have an MSVC installation (on Windows). So I do not know the differentiation for MinGW. For my MSVC the naming convention is Qtd4.dll for debug dlls and Qt4.dll for release dlls. I would assume that also for MinGW you should be able to distinguish somehow.

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