Rich Green .... where is qt going ?

  • That is a really good question.

  • Isn't Rich Green that guy who promised Nokia won't abandon Qt? Now he is leaving Nokia because of probably disagreements over Nokia non-meego strategy?

    Things are getting even uglier on the business side.. It's a shame, since Qt it's getting better and better on technical side

  • Bad news. Where is Rich Green, now?

  • Still, remember, that mobile phones just were completely new platform for Qt, there is old platforms which are profitable, I suppose...

  • To be honest: Qt was never that profitable under Trolltech, AFAIK.

  • Sure, but as long as it isn’t unprofitable, I don’t really see good reason to kill it out. Nokia’s bosses are not evil, they’re just stupid, if you ask me :)

  • Nobody is talking about killing Qt, right? Not as far as any of us knows, anyway.

  • There is possibility of taking resources out from Qt development, for example, if there is no-one left defending Qt. Anyway, it’s just a possibility, I don’t really see it happening and tried to explain it, but looks like I failed to even provide the question :)

  • Why do people still think Nokia is the only one controlling the life span of Qt? It's open source. The community determines the life span. If everyone stops using and developing Qt is dead. If Nokia stops investing, well there's enough room to step up and contribute.

  • Having a company supporting Qt makes it developed really fast, as there really is those guys who have been working with Qt really long time, so they know their job. I wouldn’t want force them to stop the development. I think it’s irrelevant if it is another company than Nokia doing the development, but if it suddenly gets adandonded, I don’t think anyone can say how things will go on.

  • The picture was partially clear when Nokia made MOU with Windows about windows phone 7.

  • Qt is the greatest cross-platform framework out there. It makes C++ development a pleasure. Looking forward to mobile platforms too. If Nokia stops developing Qt, I for one will try and spend my life or Qt's life doing what I can in contributing to it's development.

  • It's been said a number of times that Qt isn't going anywhere and that there are upcoming things yet to be announced that may leverage its technology in the future. The mysterious "future disruptions." I see no reason to doubt any of that. Might as well take those that are saying it at their face value until there's a compelling reason not to.

    IMHO, the way things have been happening, I think that if Qt were going to be dumped outright, we'd be seeing more dumping going on already. All indications seem to be that there are still Trolls hard at work.

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