How to handle "arthurwidgets.h" & friends ?

  • Hello,

    I have problems to run e.g. Gradients example on Qt 5.5.1 gcc 64 on Linux.
    How to handle examples containing :
    #include "arthurwidgets.h"
    #include "hoverpoints.h"

    Do I need to copy/paste these headers and definitions manually to the gradients project or is there a smarter way to get it built ?

    thank you

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    On windows, those file are in a sub project called shared
    which is included in the gradients project and I can just run it.

    So I wonder if u do something else in linux as the project / example should be the same?

  • Yes, seems I need to copy the folder "shared" in the same directory where the "gradients" project folder exists or change the path in .pro file. I used the option "Copy project and open" because I do not run as root and the original path is in /opt/Qt/Examples/Qt-5.5/widgets/painting/gradients/ which requires root privileges.

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    I guess so since normally shared is living in
    but if u copy the Gradient project im not sure it will copy shared too or
    if it can still work in original location.

  • it does not copy the shared folder, that's was what I have not seen on first trial.

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    Ok . thanks. that is good to know. I never tried copy and open. :)

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