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Opensource Qt Creator Licensing

  • Hello,

    I am writing a C++ application and I would like to use Qt Creator to do it. If I use The opensource version of Qt Creator, but I do not use any aspect of the Qt framework do I still have to release my code under LGPL? Does the licensing apply to the Qt framework and not the IDE, or both?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    If use Creator to compile your app but do not use ANY Qt features in the code so
    the end EXE file do not depend on any QT libs/dlls,

    u are free to do whatever u want.

  • @mrjj Thank you!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Just so u know.

    You can keep your app closed source if you use the Qt Dlls.
    That is use dynamic linking.

    Qt is a super nice frame work so using it provides huge benefit over
    pure c++.

    Even for console apps.

    But I can see the idea of just pure c++ development as it is a nice editor :)

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