Expected availability of the VS 2015 Qt Add-In?

  • 5.6 RC has the visual studio 2015 kit (thank you Qt!), but the add-in doesn't appear to have been updated.

    Anyone know a prospective time line for this (that isn't total speculation)?

    Cheers :)

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    I have not seen such commitment.
    Some ppl have reported that using
    works for them.

    Im not VS user so cant vote for it . good or bad.

  • Yes, I've been using that in the mean-time, but it has issues.

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    kinda sad it has as would have been easy solution.
    But good to know if asked.

  • That extension works just fine for me. I haven't had a single issue. I'd say go ahead and try it.

  • I have already been using it.

    The problem (ignoring some of the little things that are easy to work around) is primarily that it doesn't work with your PRO file.

    It creates a vs project from your PRO file - which is great unless you need to add files to your solution and then you can either (1)go in by hand or via Creator and add those files and then re-import your PRO into the vstudio plugin or (2)Add then in vstudio and then later go add them to the PRO file so that your other platforms don't break.

    It's not a bad extension, and I'm glad it exists, but it's a 'one way' type of use case.

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