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Qt Creator refactoring

  • For the love of God why on earth QT Creator allows refactoring of included headers?
    I've made the mistake of using refactoring with prior knowledge from eclipse and didn't thought that Qt Creator is that "smart", and from refactoring only the method's signature and it's usage....I've managed to change everything from the project and from Qt I have to reinstall Qt.....good thing the project isn't that big......but still........

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    how did u manage to get it to change inside Qt?
    My refactor only changes my files?

  • Refractor -> Rename symbol under cursor, I wanted to change the type of an argument of a method from QTcpSocket to QObject and I hit the replace button without reading what files it changed....afterwards I got errors in QTcpSocket header file....when I opened it everything was QObject, after I changed back again i saw that it modified every file related to included headers where the word existed...source files also :>....where was it was QTcpSocket. Well new days....learned new things :D....but man I was nervous....i had to either reinstall components or manually change the files.

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    @adutzu89 said:


    oh so you started the refactor inside your own file but it also changed the
    Qt include file?
    Didn't know it would do that :)

    thank you for the warning!

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