Qt REST Client (Beta)

  • Hi everyone!

    At now i will develop small REST framework for automate mapping JSON and XML RESTful data to standard QAbstyractLisModel with full support of fetchMore and canFetchMore.

    Qt REST Client - small and simple REST API client for any Qt/QML application. Library support standard JSON and XML REST APIs.

    Main features

    • Based on QAbstractListModel with fetchMore and canFetchMore support;
    • Support JSON and XML list data;
    • Pagination by per page, limit/offset or cursor;
    • Sorting data;
    • Filtering data;
    • Authentication;
    • StackView navigation;
    • Specify fields for GET list method;
    • Lazy loading details item data;
    • Separate model and API methods;
    • Simple API implementation for your apps;
    • State based model information;
    • Requires ID field for each record;
    • Interfaces from C++ and Qt Quick/QML;
    • Multiple external API services in different models.

    Qt Micro REST Client Framework

    Library available on GitHub, at now it's early beta and i hope you give me feedback about my work =)

    Library: https://github.com/kafeg/qtrest
    Example application: https://github.com/kafeg/qtrest-example

  • hi. great to see this.
    however example lacks some libs.
    Share please example working out of box.

    And it will be good to see more easy example.
    this is too complex.

  • @Kofr Hi. I will fix example application. At now it fully work (but server is slowly).

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