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Widget or Quick and other IDE

  • Hello,
    I want to try QT on a mini project to see if it can suit our need for our real project but i have some questions :)

    For a desktop application and taking into account that i will use QT 5.6 , should i use QT Quick2 or QT widget ?

    The real project where qt could be use is currently a C++ MFC app with lot of custom views (very few native widget).
    Most of the logic code is already written in multiplateform C++11 (thread,socket,use management, etc...) so qt will only be used for the UI.

    I've read this 4 years old topic but i guess Qt quick has evolved since.
    According to the documentation Qt quick seems to be a good choice , any drawbacks ?

    I'd rather not use Qt Creator for C++. Is it possible ? On Windows we use VS2015 and Clion (or netbeans) on Linux. I could use QT creator for designing UI if it's mandatory but i want to stick to other IDE for the daily coding.
    Any link or tutorial on the procedure would be greatly appreciated :)

    Thanks for your help ;)

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