on QT creator possible to double click and highlight selected text/variable?

  • I used to work on other IDEs, at which this feature is pretty common. but haven't not found this on qt creator. have to press Ctrl+f every time when I want to highlight some variable. googled it still nothing found...

    is there a way to just double click and hightlight it? that would be more convenient.

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    Never seen such option.
    you could bind "ctrl+f" to be some other key that you find easier to press.

  • @mrjj thnx! hope nokia will consider including this feature in qt.

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    its owned by Digia
    Not nokia anymore.

    This feature is semi special and its already possible using a key , so its not very likely:)

    However, Qt Creator is fully open source :),
    so you can add to the IDE yourself
    if you want.
    Be aware that its rather huge editor so compile times are long :)

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