Qt 5.6.0 Installing Problem

  • Hi; I installed Visual Studio 2015 Community and I installed Qt 5.6.0 from MaintenanceTool but there are not MSVC 2013 and/or MSVC 2015 Compiler on the Compilers tab and there are not Windows Phone development tools on the Qt Versions tab. I see Mingw Compiler and Android tools are ok. Also while I am creating Qt Quick Application, I saw Minimal required Qt version are Qt 5.5, 5.4 and 5.3 but there is not 5.6. How can I solve this problem(s)? (Problem Image) Thanks.

  • I use Qt Creator 3.6.0 and this version is using Qt 5.5.1. I think Qt 5.6 is using Qt Creator 3.6.1 and I can not upgrade Qt Creator 3.6.0 to 3.6.1. Is problem so?

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    Oh my... do you really need all those Qt versions installed at the same time?? I mean what's the point of having two or more different Visual Studio packages installed at the same time and on top of that a MinGW one too?

    Anyway.. there seem to be two topics here.

    • The VS2015 compiler does not show up in the compilers tab in Qt Creator. Are you sure VS2015 is installed correctly? Can you run it and create c++ projects? If I remember correctly the default installer settings don't include c++ compiler. Are you sure you ticked that checkbox in the setup of VS? If not then re-run the installer, install c++ components this time and the compiler should show up on the list after you restart Qt Creator.
    • Assuming you fix the above: if you have only VS2015 installed then only the VS2015 packages of Qt will be available. VS versions are not compatible with one another so you can't use VS2015 with Qt packages for VS2013. Any Qt packages for VS2013, like Windows Runtime 8.1 x64 (MSVC2013) or (Windows Phone x86 (MSVC2013), won't be available unless you actually install VS2013.

  • @Chris-Kawa So, Should I remove MSVC 2015 32Bit and 64Bit?

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    @Ibrahim said:

    So, Should I remove MSVC 2015 32Bit and 64Bit?

    What? No.. why? Where did you get that impression?

    I don't know what you should do because I don't know what you want to do. Do you want to develop for desktop or mobile? If mobile then which one? Android, IOS or windows phone? If desktop then Windows runtime or classic desktop apps? If classic desktop then which compiler - VS2015, VS2013 or MinGW?
    There's a separate Qt package for all of these requirements. Install only the one you need.

  • @Chris-Kawa Thanks.
    Actually I want to develop desktop, android and windows phone applications for now. But I see MSVC 2015 32 and 64 bit for Windows Phone and WinRT. Which I need install MSVC 2013 or 2015 (I installed VS 2015) and 32 or 64 bit for Windows Phone?

  • Interesting! MSVC added on the Qt Creator. LINK But there are red points on the Kits tab. How can I set these? I want to WP 10 applications.

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    On the Kits tab select a kit with an error and see the properties below. There is a compiler assigned to every kit. Make sure the right one is selected for each of the kits.

    "Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 11.0" is the compiler of VS2012. You don't have any Qt package for that so don't try to use it. "Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 14.0" is the compiler of VS2015, you can use it with "MSVC2015" packages.
    You don't have VS2013 installed so the packages with "MSVC2013" in the name won't work.

  • Can you say me step by step for Qt 5.6 Windows Phone 10 applications? I installed VS 2015 not VS 2013.

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