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Opening a new form with a push_button

  • I'm trying to open a new form with a push Button. i've seen examples on YouTube but can't get it working.

    My main form is called: srm.ui
    It has a button 'PB_driver_settings' And I want to open the form drivers.ui when I press the button.

    In my srm.h I have included ui_drivers.h
    and added a line in the private section:
    Ui::SRM *ui;
    Ui_driver_update driver_update;

    What should I do to make the correct call.
    I don't know the argument to add.
    void SRM::on_PB_Driver_Settings_clicked()

    I exampled I saw a call to a function .show() but that is not working either.

  • You don't need to include ui_* include files.

    include drivers.h file in your srm.h file (you can do forward declaration but for simplicity lets not do that.

    #include "driver.h"

    Define a variable (preferrabley private) for Driver object.

    Driver *driverWindow;

    In SRM's constructor create the driverWindow object

    driverWindow = new Driver(this);

    and your slot:

    void SRM::on_PB_Driver_Settings_clicked()

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