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[SOLVED] Installing Qt application on windows

  • Hi all

    I have a Qt application compiled on Linux and Windows. I packaged it into rpm and debian, they work:-) But I don't know how do I create a installer for windows. I found some free installer creator softwares with googling but problem is that the program won't work on the target computer if Qt's libraries was not installed there. (In linux adding dependencies solves problem).

    So do I need to add all Qt's .dlls to installation directory and pack them via installer creator? It seems not to be a good idea!

  • You have answered yourself :

    bq. the program won’t work on the target computer if Qt’s libraries was not installed there.

    A Qt application needs Qt dlls, so you have to install them. No need to "pack" them just copy

  • Ok, I wondered if there is any official installer for Qt or not? I will be happy to know if user have installed Qt before or not. and if possible don't re-copy dlls (just use that one is already there - probably by looking up some key in registery). For example if somebody installs my application, he will have a considerable size of libraries copied into installation directory of my app. if somebody else write another application with Qt and distribute it, and user installs that one too, he will have same libraries copied twice...

  • Probably "this": article might help you.

  • Thanks !

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