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[Solved] QT designer 2.2.0 - SQL request in a Combo Box

  • Hello,
    I would like to create a user interface in QGIS (geographical information system software, developped in QT) with QT designer.
    I can only join an ".ui " file to my QGIS project.
    I thus created an interface with QT designer, who works (almost) perfectly.
    My only problem comes from the ComboBox.
    Is there a way to include a list which arises of a SQL request, or a text file?
    (My list to be included contains several hundreds of items, I cannot enter them manually).
    Thanks for help!


  • I have never used QGIS, but here's what I think.
    As long as you list is static you can do the following:
    All .ui files are basically just XML files and a QComboBox is represented by the following XML elelemt:
    <widget class="QComboBox" name="name">
    < property name="text">
    As you can see an item is represented by a "<item>" tag. You could write a little tool that parses the text file and manipulates the .ui file accordingly. Does that help?

    P.S. the space between "<" and "property" is just to have it show up and not interpreted as an HTML tag (at least I think that's why i wouldn't show up otherwise)

  • Hello loladiro,

    Yes, it works!!!!!!!

    I've exported my PostGIS table in CSV format.
    With search/replace functions in Notepad++, I 've added the tags around each item, and pasted the result in the .ui file.
    Now my ComboBox shows items from my PostGIS table.

    Thank you very much!

  • Always glad to help. And don't forget to add [Solved] in front of the title (by editing the first post).

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