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Help document broken in qtcreator

  • i install the latest sdk on my linux box and when i click on help from qt creator the main screen says:

    The page could not be found

    i tried a reinstall, and did a custom install and made sure that documentation was being installed, still same problem

  • What does the Tools/Options/Help/Documentation/registered documentation list in Qt Creator for you?

    Can you try to register the help by hand by pointing to the required .qch files?

    Can you also verify that you have a proper Qt installation as the help could have a dependency to Qt?

    Also, verify that the docs you would like to have installed are checked in the SDK installer.

  • Hello sigrid, thanks adding the missing .qch file is what was required.

  • hello i am seeing another problem now, i installed all the .qch files, however under 'content' when i select:

    'Qt Reference Document' and click on 'QT C++ Framework' I am shown some documentation for a brief moment before something else is loaded and i get a broken page saying:

    The page could not be found


    Error: Error downloading - server replied: Not Found'

    How can I fix this?

  • The link goes to the whitepaper in the Qt Developer Network Wiki, which fails for some reason. I'll take a look at the current documentation to see what we should do to fix this, but I suspect that we'll just change the link to something else.

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