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QListView add item text customization

  • Hi,
    does anybody know how to set text color for new added item into data model?
    My code looks like:

        myModel->insertRows(0, 1);
        QModelIndex index = myModel->index(0);
        this->m_logModel->setData(index, log); //this works fine !!!
        QBrush yellow;
        this->m_logModel->setData(index, yellow, Qt::TextColorRole); ///this not !!! text color is still black...

    Best regards,

  • What is m_logModel, what is myModel?

    Your data model may or may not implement some roles.
    The QAbstractItemModel class implementation does nothing and returns false.
    It is a good idea to check what setData returns.

  • Moderators

    First of all, as mentioned in the docs, Qt::TextColorRole is obsolete and you should not use it. Use Qt::ForegroundRole instead.
    Second, as mentioned by @alex_malyu, it depends on the model whether or not it implements that. QStandardItemModel for example will, but your custom model might not.
    So the question is what is your model class.

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