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Machine-readable source code

  • Lately I was reading the LGPL license and came upon the term :
    machine-readable source code.

    I wondered what that was exactly since i'm not an english native speaker.
    I first thought this was source code like cpp, h, pro files, but also o.files that could be read, interpreted by a machine(computer).

    I made a comparison with human-readable source code. Which is only code like cpp, h , pro files, but not .o files for instance.

    But after some googling I found the following related definition on wikipedia :

    bq. Machine-readable dictionary (MRD) is a dictionary stored as machine (computer) data instead of being printed on paper. It is an electronic dictionary and lexical database.

    So it only refers to the medium you can read it on not who/what is capable of reading it. Or am I wrong about this interpretation?

  • Just one day after posing my question, i googled again, because i didn't get any reaction...

    Google showed me 3 results on amazon, the 4 th was this question and nr 5 was the LGPL itself.

    This is unreal! Posting a question on devnet gets much more hits, links detected by Google than the original LGPL text.

    This tells me a lot about the impact and interest qt nokia has...

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    Let's link to the "LGPL": and the "GPL": from here then :-)

  • bq. Let’s link to the LGPL [] and the GPL [] from here then :-)

    Yes, that's a good one Tobias:)

    Tought about adding a wiki page but why should i do that? It's all here for people to read ;)

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