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TableWidget defocus problem

  • When clicking on a TableWidget cell or heading, one or more cells get highlighted. After (or pehaps before) I process the event I'd like to programatically turn off that highlighting without having to click elsewhere. I haven't spotted a way to do that yet but I'm new to Qt.

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    QTableWidget inherith QAbstarctItemView, which has a clearSelection() method. Just call it in a slot connected to the clicked() signal.

    But if you really don't want items to be selected a better way would be to not make them selectable in the first place. When adding QTableWidgetItems call setFlags() on them and don't set the Qt::ItemIsSelectable flag.
    You can also setSelectionMode() to QAbstractItemView::NoSelection.

  • Thank you for a comprehensive answer - so simple when you know how! clearSelection() solved the problem sufficiently but your answer enabled me to read through QAbstarctItemView without tears and I was able to investigate the various flags etc. The more I play with Qt the more I love it.

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