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How does flag-aa works with QIcon::fromTheme()?

  • ok so


    doesn't work.. so what am i supposed to do?

    P.S Here is the "link":

  • I don't think "en" is the country specifier for the UK. You should probably try, uhm..., flag-uk (united kingdom) or flag-gb (great britain). However, England has a flag as well, I'm not sure if that's included there. Another possibility is that the icon theme just doesn't supply the flag.

  • No i searched at the ISO 3166.. Whatever country i set there is no icon.. Yes probably it will not be included at the icons of the theme... Thanks anyway for the reply

  • The freedesktop standard page is only a suggestion/guideline and there is no guarantee that any specific distro supports it completely. I don't think Ubuntu ships with themed flag icons. To see which icons are actually available for Ubuntu, you can search in the /usr/share/icons/Humanity (or gnome) folders. Anything you find in there should be available to fromTheme.

    However doing a quick disk search reveals that you might be able to load the icon manually at:
    "/usr/share/locale/l10n/XX/flag.png" where XX refers to country code. Just make sure your code doesn't crash if the file is not available. :)

  • I don't have the folder l10n.. I just wanted to free some space from my app so better not to risk it for just 2 flags :P

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