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Mumble : color of user/channel

  • HI,

    Sorry for my english,

    I try to explain my little problems.

    I want to have a differente color for my client mumble to channell/user.
    Exemple :

    channel1 (color red)

    • user1 (blue)
    • user2 (blue)
      Channel2 (color red)
      -user3 (blue)
      -user4 (blue)

    my code :

    QTreeView::branch {
    background: transparent;
    image: none;
    QTreeView::branch:has-siblings:!adjoins-item {
    image: url(skin:designs/branch.png);
    QTreeView::branch:has-siblings:adjoins-item {
    image: url(skin:designs/branch_more.png);
    QTreeView::branch:!has-children:!has-siblings:adjoins-item {
    image: url(skin:designs/branch_end.png);
    QTreeView::branch:has-children:!has-siblings:closed {
    image: url(skin:designs/branch_closed.png);
    QTreeView::branch:open:has-children:!has-siblings {
    image: url(skin:designs/branch_open.png);

    I don't find how to put my color user diffrently color channel.

    Can you help me.
    thanks a lot!

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