How to find the source code we need in Qt src?

  • Such as NumberAnimation in Qt Quick, i wanna find the principle of NumberAnimation.But there are lots of source file named "animation".Which one is the real source code file?

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    If you are using Linux/Mac, you may use the "grep" command.


    $ grep -rn "class.*NumberAnimation" *
    quick/util/qquickanimation_p.h:321:class Q_QUICK_PRIVATE_EXPORT QQuickNumberAnimation : public QQuickPropertyAnimation
    quick/util/qquicksmoothedanimation_p.h:46:class Q_AUTOTEST_EXPORT QQuickSmoothedAnimation : public QQuickNumberAnimation
    quick/util/qquickspringanimation_p.h:45:class Q_AUTOTEST_EXPORT QQuickSpringAnimation : public QQuickNumberAnimation

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